Best Reverse Osmosis Systems (Water Filter Reviews 2020)

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis (RO) Systems is one of the water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane which can help you to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water. To overcome osmotic pressure, we can use reverse osmosis to apply pressure on colligative property, that is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent, a thermodynamic parameter. Reverse osmosis systems can remove many types of dissolved and suspended species from water, which includes bacteria.

Why We Use Reverse Osmosis System

Based on 4 factors we use to prefer reverse osmosis system. From below we have mentioned top best water filters which uses reverse osmosis system.

Improves Taste

By using this water filter you can improve the taste, odor and color/appearance ofthe water by removing contaminants which causes taste and odor problems.

Saves Money

With this RO system, no need to buy water delivery service and stop purchasing cases of bottled water. Reverse Osmosis filtration provides “better-than-bottled water” quality water for just pennies per gallon.

Simple Maintenance

RO systems have very few moving or replaceable parts make RO systems, so you can easily clean and the service of this water filter is good.

Removes Impurities

RO systems remove pollutants from water including nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, arsenic and much more. RO systems’ carbon filter will also remove chlorine and chloramines.

Best Reverse Osmosis Systems

1. Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System

If you consider the domestic water filter, then the waterdrop RO system is totally changed. This water filter doesn’t have a tank and it will save you space because in this water filter it uses compact design. The shape of this filter is slim but it doesn’t mean that it is low effectiveness. This RO filter comes up with whopping filtration which is having an accuracy of 0.0001μm, and it can remove all contaminants in the water. This design is having 2 new features which are the level of water quality, and the other one is the TDS number.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System

You can also connect this water filter to your fridge, but you need a separate drain. The fridge installation process is simple and straightforward and it won’t trouble you. Changing filters are very easy without anyone’s help, within seconds you can change just twist it and take it out.

If the water filter gets rid of fluoride, then the water is not alkalinized your water and it will not help you to improve the pH level. if you place it sideways then it won’t work properly and it will likely leak. After installation of the filters it should be flushed 30 minutes and then you can drink.


  • It doesn’t have tanked, helps you to save a lot of space
  • It uses Stainless steel faucet
  • You can also attach this system to your fridge
  • It removes water contaminants thoroughly, and get rid of large particles and also tiny bacteria.
  • Using this you can remove fluoride
  • After filtration, it produces low water waste rate
  • It is easy to maintain


  • This filter doesn’t alkalinize water
  • Faucet comes in only one color
  • You cannot install this system in sideways.

2. Brondell H2O+ Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Brondell H2O+ Circle reverse osmosis water filter is small and compact, you can install it easily and very efficient. Brondell H2O has an efficiency ratio of 2:1 and having the capability of producing up to 50 gallons of pure water per day.

Brondell H2O+ Circle

Brondell H2O+ Circle

The main advantage of using this filter is very compact. It looks good, but it take lot of space and you can easily change the filter. Another advantage of this filter is having the stylish faucet. The faucet have chrome finish and it is built with LED light, it will notify you when filters need to change. You can also connect filtering system to the other faucets as well.


  • This model no need to use electricity to work. This is the advantage to save the money, it can allow the system without drilling holes in the kitchen counter for the power cord.
  • Brondell H2O is more efficient and it is a wastewater production of 2.1 gallons for every gallon of pure water.
  • It is having compact design, this is the main advantage. It is easy to install and easy to change filters.


  • The handle of this water filter is small and it is poor intake valve seems very fragile.

3. APEC ROES PH75 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System

APEC ROES PH75 6 Stage is designed, engineered and assembled in USA. It provides the quality and guarantee water safety to your health. This water filter removes upto 99% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, organics, chemicals & more. You can enjoy the ultra pure drinking water which is added calcium and minerals to improve ALKALINITY and gives great taste. 

APEC ROES PH75 6 Stage

APEC ROES PH75 6 Stage

This water filter system comes with 100% lead-free designer faucet, plus FDA Certified JG Food grade tubing and parts to provide safe, contamination-free pure water. This is a premium long lasting filters you can used to treat tap/well water. It gives unlimited clean drinking water.


  • It is equipped with industry standard-sized solid block filters which will offer longer filter life, if you compared to other types of filters on the market.
  • This water filter provides you ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind with reliable operation and it is free from noises, leaks, and clogs.
  • APEC ROES-PH75 installation and maintainance is simple in mind. This water filter is equipped with quick connection fittings and colored tubing.


  • To install this water filter you should have to take someone to help you to complete the job faster.
  • Filling water tank takes about an hour once it completely empty. It works slowly than the other models.

4. iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

The iSpring RCC7AK-UV is capable of removing most of the usual debris, chemicals, microorganisms, and bacteria from your water source. This RO water filter is small, you can easily install in your standard kitchen counter cabinet. While buying this filter you will get written instructions, along with video tutorials or contact customer service for the guidance.

iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 Stage

iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 Stage

This system gives you 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support. This filter has an advantage from alkaline pH filter, which is used to help in better taste and healthier from UV light as well. This UV lights helps for killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from water source.


  • It uses UV filter shich helps to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms commonly which are found in your drinking water. It uses good filtering process.
  • This RO water filter system uses special filter to remineralize and alkalize your drinking water. So that it will increase water taste which is also good for health.
  • iSpring RCC7AK-UV 7 provides the good customer service. While installation if you have got any problem they will give you better advice to solve.


Written installation instructions are not understandable and very confusing. But you can follow the video tutorials online for installation.

5. APEC ROES 50 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System

This is one of the low budget water filter. APEC ROES-50 5-Stage is a very efficient reverse osmosis water filtering system. This water system is designed and assembled in USA, and it provides safe water to drink and also good for health. This reverse osmosis system is a 5 step filtering process. You can easily change your filters, they can remove contaminants upto 99% which are found in water, fluoride, chlorine, copper, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses.

APEC ROES 50 5 Stage

APEC ROES 50 5 Stage

This RO water filter uses chrome faucet. This faucet doesnt look good, but the service and working is better than expected.


  • This reverse osmosis having extra filters, so you dont need to change your filters upto 12 months without additional costs.
  • Out of 5 you have to change only 3 filters once or twice a year. remaining 2 filters can change once 2-3 years.
  • You can install this filters easily, with the help of the written instructions or else video tutorial.


  • It takes time to fill the tank, once it empty.

6. iSpring RCC7 – WQA 5 stage Reverse Osmosis System

The iSpring RCC7 is one of the small reverse osmosis water filtering system, it uses the filtration process of 5 steps. It is more efficient, and you can install it easy without anyone help. You can buy it an affordable price. The size of the filters is small so it can fit in a standard kitchen counter cabinet.

iSpring RCC7 – WQA 5 stage

iSpring RCC7 – WQA 5 stage

iSpring RCC7 filters are having layered protection against any contaminants. If the quality of water is changing, you can change the new filters and install it. The main advantage of getting this water filter is 1 year money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this water filter quality you can send this product return to get money back. The faucet of reverse osmosis systems comes with the nice looking faucet filter.


  • 24/7 customer service is available, if you have any problem while installing or any other problem our customer service experts are always there to advice better solution.
  • It provides the water efficiency of 2.5:1, it is an efficient reverse osmosis system which will helps your water consumption and gives low bills.
  • This reverse osmosis system has good price, which is a great value.


  • Written instructions in the manual book cant understand, better to follow video tutorials while installing water filters.

7. Express Water ROALK10DCG 10 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

The Express Water ROALK10DCG 10 Stage reverse osmosis filtering system comes with small size and you can install it easily on your own in a standard kitchen cabinet. This Express Water ROALK10DCG 10 Stage usually give you 5, 6or 7 step filtration.

The written instructions manual gives you useful information, so that you can able to tell which component comes where. The advantage of using reverse osmosis, the water produced by this filter has good taste. Water filter comes with good looking faucet.


  • It gives good taste of water, you can also compare to other water fillers no one can deny it.
  • Providing instructions are easy to understand, you can install this RO system is easy on your own.
  • This system comes with good looking faucet, so that your kitchen looks good.


  • In this you have to use 10-step filtering process with water re-mineralization.

Here is Our Choice & Criteria We Used for Evaluation for Choosing Most Efficient Reverse Osmosis System?

From the above mentioned water filters there is no bad brands. All these water filters quality and purity is good. There are types of water filters using reverse osmosis system you can select one of the water filter which suits your home and also consider the budget to buy.

How do Choose Best Reverse Osmosis Filter for you?

While selecting reverse osmosis system you have to ask a few questions which one better, you have to study to select the best one.

If you want to setup Reverse osmosis system inside a kitchen or under sink?

If you are looking to setup your water filter inside the cabinet, you should have to choose the size of the whole system which includes both filter and tank, which will fit in your cabinet.

How your Water Filter water taste?

If your water taste is not good then, you have to buy a reverse osmosis which has an extra stage to adjust the taste and smell of your water.

Check the pH level of your tap water?

If taste of your water is acidic, you should buy reverse osmosis water which is having an extra stage to stabilize and balance the pH level of your water. pH balanced water is good for your health and also tastes better.

Accessories of Water Filter?

Accessories of the water filter which comes with the system. You have to check the quality of the system, and also check the quality of the faucet which includes filters.

The original tap water depends on the usage of the best reverse osmosis water filter used in your house. You have to select the water filters which is based on the quality of the water.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis System for Drinking?

There are many benefits for drinking filtered water by reverse osmosis water. Below we mentioned important benefits of using filtered water.

Reduce Sodium from Soft Water

Using this reverse osmosis system you can easily filter many dissolved chemicals, one of them is sodium. Sodium is not a bad chemical, sodium is not used in other filtering systems. If you use high level of sodium in your filtering system it affects your health and also it gives the bad taste.

Reverse osmosis system is having the capacity using the enough chemicals to eliminate upto 99% of all dissolved chemicals and compounds which also includes sodium. Using this reverse osmosis in water is healthy than the tap water.

Better for Cooking

While cooking, increasing any one of the quantity or decrease any one of the quantity can affect the taste of the food. As same as the impurity of water will affect the taste of the food. Using the water to boil any food item can affect the negative taste for the food.

In reverse osmosis system, all impurities and contaminants which includes sodium, dissolved chemicals can be removed, remaining water is pure as possible. It can not affect the food to taste odd or it can not change the color.

Clear Ice Cubes

You can see the impurities in the water, if you use tap water to freeze it will make ice there you can see the impurities of the tap water.

Reverse osmosis can clear the 99% contaminants which includes dirty particles, odd taste, and cloudiness. In reverse osmosis system you can processed to make crystal clear ice cubes.Using this filtered water can be beneficial for your health, and also using pure ice can be good for your health.

Better Taste

Based on the impurities and chemicals present in the water can affect the taste of the water. Reverse osmosis system can eliminate impurities in the water so that it gives good taste and gives the strange odor. Using this process in water it will give the strange taste which added minerals, making your water taste much better.

Health Benefits

The most important one is the benefits of the reverse osmosis system in your water gives good health. Using contaminated water is danger for your health. In reverse osmosis system, 99% of contaminated are eliminated which includes all the chemicals and impurities. It will leave all the water contaminants free and disease free, it ensures good for your health.